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- Nov 13, 2018 -


EP Stickers reflect the brand and image of your company; attractive stickers attract customers and provide a good look to your product. We make electro plating stickers that can be used on wedding cards, visiting cards, gift boxes, jewellery boxes etc. These are available in gold and silver color. We are one of the prominent and reputed manufacturer and supplier of Electroplating Stickers. We manufacture and supply high quality stickers of good quality, and provide a wide range of electroplated stickers. Available in different colour and specifications, our product range is widely appreciated for excellent quality, extended durability, appealing look and best competitive price.instru88kcia1

Electroplating stickers offered by us are highly resistant to dampness, long lasting shine and are of a good quality. Our customers are highly satisfied by the quality of the stickers made by us. Our electroplating stickers can be availed by us in numerous colours, patterns, sizes, thickness. The stickers that we offer are known for their perfect dimensions, exceptional texture, and the finish. Our stickers are manufactured according to the norms and standards, therefore are safe to use. They are widely used as name tags for various products.44We have developed our name, after years of dedication and by providing flawless consignment to our prestigious clients. We provide 100% quality assurance and our products are reasonably priced. The quality of the materials used by us is of superior quality. We have a reputation of providing good quality products, premium packaging, reasonable prices, excellent client services.

High Quality Customized Electroforming Metal Stickers

We manufacture and supply customized High Quality electroforming metal stickers. We offer custom design for each of our EP metal stickers, special care to our clients and immediate help on any problems that may arise during the whole process.

We offer low minimum quantities so if you create hand-made products, complete low volume orders, market special or limited editions, have company buyers who want to buy your product with their logo we are happy to make the sticker you need.

High End, Exclusive, Embossed, Raised Metal Stickers

Money can't buy class, except in the case of our High End, Exclusive, Embossed, Raised Metal Stickers. Oozing sophistication, if you need to make an impression these suave customers are here to do the job in style.

Available in gold and silver, our metallic stickers are great for branding, decoration, and product customisation. In fact, they're great for anything that calls for that little extra touch of class.

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