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Domed Stickers
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Drop the plastic plate, also called the glue label or crystal glue label. Is that we often see in daily life some shiny glossy signs or nameplate, such as on the mouse, electrical. These signs have a common feature: the surface of some convex enlarged visual effect, looks very smooth and bright, but also because of the use of crystal drop plastic production process, it is known as crystal drop plastic signs.

Crystal Drop Plastic Label application is very wide, applicable to handicrafts, jewelry, hardware category, electronic and electrical appliances, ceramics and other products.

The main raw materials are divided into three categories, the main agent, curing agent and thinner, epoxy resin, modified amine, transparent curing agent, liquid two methyl imidazole, 593 curing agent, 692, age, such as cutting agent.

As a result of the use of a double liquid type of polymer materials, in order to adapt to a variety of requirements, the use of different resins and curing agent models for matching, can be used for a variety of metals, signs paper, plastic, wood, pottery decoration and some electronic industry uses.

This kind of drop gum is mainly divided into two categories: the first type is rigid, mainly used for artificial gems and belt buckle surface decorative glue, another kind of soft, suitable for paper or metal plate surface decoration glue, and some electronic circuit transparent protective layer.