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Detailed explanation of injection label manufacturing process
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Injection label products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding method. And die casting method. Injection molding machine (injection machine or injection molding machine) is a thermoplastic or thermosetting materials using plastic molding mold into various shapes of plastic products, the main molding equipment, injection molding is through the injection molding machine and mold to achieve plastic injection molding. Injection label production process, the main is the high-temperature melt ABS materials using pressure injection into the plastic mold, cooling molding stripping get to want a variety of plastic parts.

Then after processing according to product requirements, the general injection of the post processing procedures usually by electroplating-wiredrawing-Paint-printing-bronzing-spray paint, such as a series of crafts produced, and finally packaging. Injection signs are mainly used in: Electric license plate, car nameplate, wine signs, tea nameplate, luggage factory, furniture factory, cosmetics factory and other products.