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Classification of signs and application items
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Simple way to get you to know the label application Items Category:  

1, the time is different: A, lighting signs: In order to use day and night, in the interior of the signs to install luminous tube or in the interior of the installation of light equipment or the external signs of the installation of lights and so on.  

B, no lighting signs: No day and night although the use of separate purposes, there is no lighting equipment signs.  

2, the location is different: A, indoor signs: Department card set in the interior of the signs, such as directional arrow signs, indoor reception signs and so on.  

B, Outdoor signs: Located in all the space outside the room signs.  

3, the purpose is different: A, commercial signs: generally refers to the commercial purpose of the establishment of the signs. B, public signs: In public places, for the public to announce the message or use to publicize certain information of the logo signs.