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Velvet Lexan Label

Lexan is a type of polyolefin film, made from a process that involves multiple extrusions which creates a multi-layer film (blown). A lexan label is easily recyclable with a container made from polyethylene.

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Velvet lexan label

Lexan is the brand name of polycarbonate labels and decals we custom print for the California State Lottery as well as many manufacturers to be used as equipment overlaysand nameplates on control panels. They are subsurface printed, predominantly screen printed or digitally printed, but can be UV offset printed as well. As long as we're name-dropping, Washington State also trusts us to print the Lexan labels for their machines. These are huge orders of even huger labels. They expect the best quality, pricing and durability with on-time delivery

Reverse Printed Overlays & Decals



Product Options


Lexan, Polycarbonate, PET


Matt velvet or Polish gloss finish


Thickness ranging from 0.125, 0.175mm, 0.25mm 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm to 1mm

Size or Shape

Produced in virtually any size or shape

Image Printed

Second Surface - Printed on Underside,Reverse Printed, Silkscreen Printing


Any Color Combination, Pontane Matching Colors


Premium Permanent Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive


Include Your Logo, Use a Design or Engineering Drawing



Types of LDPE & HDPE Labels

There are two broad categories of polyethylene used as a label substrate:

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE): has low stiffness, is tear resistant, and is used often for squeezable containers, including those with irregular shapes such as cartons. LDPE also can be made very clear, but is also manufactured to be super white, bright glossy white, transparent and metallized which gives a glossy metal look to products.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): HDPE is much stiffer, and tends to be milky, or frosted looking in appearance. It is more puncture resistant as well.

Uses for LDPE:


→Consumer disposable products

→Medical products

→Health & beauty aids (HBA)


→Squeezable bottles & cartons

→Any product which needs a high level of conformability around an irregular surface including curved surfaces, where avoidance of wrinkling is important.

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