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3M Adhesive Polycarbonate Labels

Polycarbonate is a widely used material for graphic overlays, nameplates, and faceplates there are some situations where it may not be the best choice. Polycarbonate is good in all the situations below, but polyester would be a better choice (and more costly) if the situation is extreme.

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3M adhesive polycarbonate label

While polycarbonate can be made optically clear, an effect can be manufactured into polycarbonate that allows for the desire of a haze or frosted look when viewing through the windows of the graphic overlay on certain products. Some of these products include automotive dashboards, consumer electronics, and other backlit applications (Some call this a diffused look or a diffuser).

When a switch will be actuated (pushed) often, and a very long life is needed, polycarbonate might crack over time. Polyester provides a much longer flex life without cracking than polycarbonate

→Extreme chemical resistance

→Extreme abrasion resistance

→Long outdoor life needed

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Please kindly note: the final quotation will be influenced by following elements: dimensions, material, printing colors, surface finishing. So the price in our web is just a reference, not the final one. Please kindly contact us to get the final quotation. We will try to give you the best price with our best service.

1.Color difference allowed band: 10%, please provide the complete sample if you have high requirements for the printing colors. We will do it for Pantones.

2.Bleed line allowed band: 1mm.

3.Scrappage under 2% is allowed, if you have requirements to the final quantity please tell us while ordering.





Product Options


Lexan, Polycarbonate, PET


Smooth velvet or transparent glossy finish


Thickness ranging from 0.125, 0.175mm, 0.25mm 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm to 1mm

Size or Shape

Produced in virtually any size or shape

Image Printed

Second Surface - Printed on Underside,Reverse Printed, Silkscreen Printing


Any Color Combination, Pontane Matching Colors


Serialization Available


Premium Permanent Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive


Include Your Logo, Use a Design or Engineering Drawing

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