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3M Adhesive Membrane Graphic Overlay

A graphic overlay may be the first thing your customer or end user sees when interacting with your product. It must be durable, attractive, and functional. Thanks to our graphic overlay printing expertise, Design Mark can manufacture your custom graphic overlay in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure durability. In fact, with sub-surface graphics, printing is done on the inside of the overlay, so your overlay’s graphics won’t degrade from use or cleaning.

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Product Details

3M adhesive membrane graphic overlay

3M adhesive membrane graphic overlay offer a variety of materials to suit your custom graphic overlay and name plate needs. We offer UL materials, RoHS compliant materials, subsurface printed materials including Lexan and materials developed to meet different environmental situations.

For those applications where tough isn't tough enough, polyester labels are the clear-cut leader. They're more costly than Lexan, but will also last 50 times longer under the same conditions. They are particularly suited to unforgiving environments since they are invulnerable to harsh chemicals and solvents.

Reverse Printed Overlays & Decals



Spercifications for Meiborui Membrane Panel


Pantone and RAL color matching system.
We have delicate printing machines——Mimaki 6050, Mimaki 6042, Mimaki 4550 and 12 latest domestic digital printing machines and so on. Complex and elaborate patterns can be printed excellently with our outstanding technology and proper materials right according to customer's requirements.


1. with dimple,/without dimple
2. versions round/rectangular
3. with hole
4. Triangle domes / Oblong domes
Gold-Plated/Nickel-Plated/ Stainless–Plated
All these can be customized.


Gloss / Clear, Matte/Texture, Fine, Velvet

Overlay Material

PET: Auto-type
F150, F200, F280, V150, V200, V280, XEV150, XEF200
EBG130, EBG180, EBG250, EBA130, EBA130, EBA250
CT3, CT4, CT5, CT7
DuPont etc.
PC: GE LEXAN-8010 8B35 8B35F HP92S HP40 FR700 FR60
Surface hardness and light transmission can be controlled strictly by selecting appropriate overlay materials.

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